We believe that forced labour is a

solvable world problem.

Forced labour happens because the recruitment system is broken. 


Recruiters and trainers charge huge fees to workers but do little to prepare them for migration and work overseas. Workers get in debt to pay these fees, leaving them trapped in dangerous jobs. 


But we're going to fix the system. By becoming the recruiters and trainers ourselves, we will drive industry standards for recruiting migrant workers in Asia. 

What makes us different

The recruitment system is broken. But we are going to fix it.

We are engaging big business in the fight to end forced labour.

We treat donations as investments that will accelerate our growth.





Over 16 million people are in forced labour in the Asia-Pacific region. Debt bondage is one of the most prevalent forms of forced labour.

Across Asia, employment agencies and training centres push workers into forced labour by charging huge fees while doing little to prepare them for their jobs. The result is a broken market that is failing both migrant workers and employers.


We believe forced labour is solvable with market interventions. This is why our priority is to change the market. By becoming the biggest and best recruiters and trainers, we believe we will influence the government and broader market.

Establishing employment agencies which operate more ethically thereby proving a business model without worker placement fees 

Prove the value of training centres for their potential to equip workers for successful migration

Equipping employers with practical tools for ethical recruitment, and enabling them to drive change in the market. 

Our market solutions are employed at three critical intervention points.



Market problems can be fixed with market solutions.

Since 2014, we have been building out ethical models at the employment agency and training levels. 


The Fair Employment Model is a new way for migrant recruitment that will remove the risk of forced labour and give way to efficient recruitment that works for everyone. Forced labour is a market problem, so we're fixing it with market solutions.

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Fair Employment Foundation is a registered charity

in Hong Kong (IRD 91/13885)