Our mission is to build market solutions to end the forced labour of migrant workers across Asia.

Throughout Asia, people leave lower income countries seeking employment abroad. To secure their job, workers use recruiters and trainers who charge them huge fees and do little to prepare them for migration. To pay, workers take out loans with terms that call for them to pay several months of their salary. This causes a cycle of debt bondage. With collectors on their backs, workers are unable to leave dangerous situations. This is forced labour.

What we do.

Forced labour is a market problem, so we build market solutions to make the market work better for everyone. Some of our initiatives are social businesses that generate revenue while others are pioneering solutions and technologies that help workers and employers alike.

How we work.

We raise venture philanthropy financing, and provide active management, technology and market expertise to help our enterprises stay mission focused while building towards sustainability. Our solutions will provide a blueprint for an ethical sustainable integrated labour chain solution: The Fair Employment Model.

Annual report.

Download our 2018 Annual Report: here.

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Fair Employment Foundation is a registered charity

in Hong Kong (IRD 91/13885)